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Avocado Update Brings The Secrecy

Avocado is a cute little app designed to allow a couple to communicate directly with one another. It provides a private little social network, where you can send messages and pictures, create a shared to-do list, and even create custom emoticons from your own face. But a new update has added a bunch of privacy features, which certainly raises an eyebrow…

After all, why would images and text between a couple need a lock code and hidden message contents? Why would you not want other people to see the message you’re sending to your partner….oh. Ooooh…Oh! I get it!

Here’s what’s officially new:

Actions on Messages
⭑ Swipe any message in the history to do different things with messages:
≫ Add To List – conveniently add a message as a to-do!
≫ Delete
≫ Photos also get: Tweet, Save, Copy, and Email

Lock Avocado. Keep It Safe.
⭑ Lock Code! You can set a PIN # and prevent others from looking at your messages if you hand your phone to them.
⭑ Hide the contents of a message when it’s pushed to you. Especially useful when used with a Lock Code!

New Message Sounds
♫ You can choose from 10 different sounds. Let us know which ones you like!

Other improvements:
⭑ Tap on a user’s picture to view it larger or save
⭑ Tap to call phone numbers and map street addresses
⭑ You can delete photos in the gallery by tapping and holding a thumbnail, to go into ‘edit’ mode
⭑ You can dismiss the keyboard by dragging your finger down from the history to over the input
⭑ You can change your shared password within the app
⭑ You can reset your password if you forgot it, during sign-in
⭑ New profile UI lets you set your anniversary and birthdays
⭑ You can edit your own name and also your boo’s!

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Avocado Update Brings The Secrecy